Manual - Decorate with vinyl foil
Vinyl decor comes in three layers, background paper, the carved letters / characters and the application papers.
Before you begin:
Wall Decals affixed best on completely smooth surface, for best results, attach the decoration on the painted wall (not painted), painted surface or vinyl wallpaper. You can always remove vinyl decor.
You should avoid paper wallpaper when they can be damaged if you choose to take down the decorations.
  1. sure the base is clean and dry.
  1. Measure the decor was to sit. Highlight possibly slightly with a pencil.
  1. rub over the paper application to decoration firmly against it.
  1. Add decor upside down and carefully remove the background paper. Make sure that only the background paper that comes with.
  1. Add decor to the desired surface and use your hand and rub on the decor. Start from the center out / up / down.
  1. Gently remove the paper application.
  1. course, given it was nice!
Thank you for choosing to decorate with!

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